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Enjoy lovingly curated online lectures and events about film, music, theatre, books, visual arts, as well as Jewish culture, languages and history. We continue to offer you a wide array of stimulating and entertaining Arts & Culture virtual programming with your favourite guest speakers and performers!  For more information, please contact Esther Arbeid, Director of Arts & Culture; esthera@mnjcc.org


The Israeli Connection is the hub for Israelis in downtown Toronto. We are the place where you can connect to your community and identity, celebrate Israeli culture and explore what it means to be an Israeli living in Canada. The IC offers both Israeli and Canadian Jewish communities the opportunity to deepen their ties to Israel, and to each other. The JCC’s Israeli connection has extensive programs, events, and services geared specifically to the Israeli community in addition to various offerings and programs the MNjcc provides. Once our doors re-open, the MNjcc is the perfect place for you and your family to stay close to your Israeli culture, meet other Israelis in the community, and enjoy the broader community. We are continuing to provide you with assorted and fun content that will have you connected even during the COVID-19 pandemic. So until we can all meet again at a Kabbalat Shabbat, let’s all meet here and connect virtually.

Shavuot 2020 offers all of the recorded content from our May 28, 2020 night of community, study, snacking and more! Live sessions were hosted throughout the evening and pre-recorded ‘Torah Slams’ were shared from your favourite downtown Rabbis and leaders.

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